Current obsession: beautiful people and beautiful dresses also known as the Met Gala in a nutshell. 

Jimbaran, where we've earlier lived



Monkey Temple at Uluwatu

Tanah Lot


Padang Padang, super crowded day

Gili Air, my beloved island

Taxi at Gili Air island, horse and wagon

Abdul Abasi.

Cc An Unknown Quantity


Good morning. I wore this sometime a few weeks ago or something.
Herschel, Stüssy and Isabel Marant sneakers. 

I don't even know about this outfit but it was cold and I wore double extremely white Nike.
"This one goes to all the girls dressing like awkward boys" - Alexa Chung. 


Sam er ute med ny låt & musikkvideo! Check it outtt ~ ~ ~




Summer seemed closer in january than this cold and wet sunday of march. 

Happy for Spring arriving (take a peek outside now; turns out I was wrong)

Been to Global Stores to try out new drinks. I personally do not recommend this though.

Been hooked on eyeliner wings.

Wearing neoprene and Nike Flyknit Lunar1. Been shopping garments for VÆR Clothing. 

Wearing Stüssy and Isabel Marant. 

Shopped 3M thread as well. Cool as fuuckk right?

I've also been around in shops all over Bergen, looking for a mannequin. Thanks to Instinct mensweaer, Exhibition! Saved the day. 

We handmade 6 caps in three days. I am so proud of us at VÆR Clothing. And especially thanks to Anne Lise and Solveig for helping us out wheen in need! Here photographing our waterproof 5-panel caps with 3M details (so fucking cool and functional). Thanks to JB for letting us borrow his fujifilm camera! 

After picking up our 1x1m VÆR Clothing logo for our stand in Grieghallen during the fylkesmesse. Here on our way to borrow two single alien-look-alike head mannequins from Klesskapet in Skostredet. Big thankss!

Meanwhile I got me two pair of new sneakers. MMM...

Three cool daawgs.

Two super cool gyals letting us photograph them in our VÆR caps. Thanks to every single random and not so random person who let us shoot them in the streets with our headwear on!! Only positive feedback. Luv luv ~~~ <3

I will display the fujifilm photos on the blog sometime in the future. Stay tuned people. 


Cc On Abbot Kinney

There's something so great about this photo of Young Jun Koo, A well dressed street style photographer.

Nike 2014 Lunar Force High SP "Liquid Metal" yasss

I sort of feel like a weird robot when wearing this margiela jacket lolol. 

Wearing a somewhat dark blue look today, with dots and Marant suede sneakers. Todays weather is
beaautiful. I should've worn sunglasses. RARE occasion. Tomorrow is supposed to be great as well. It
might be time and the perfect occasion, aka sunny weather, to take my biker jacket out for a walk. Let it breatheee. 

My sneaker model is called Nike Air Max Thea and are luminescent. I'm taking it cool today, with hoodie and loose fit pants aka life ~

Cc The Sartorialist

Excuuuuuuse me for playing the mirror selfie game way too strong. I need to stop doing that. So I figured I'd do it on Vine. I've started making small videos/vines showing my look of the day. This is outfit four @ Vine. Look me up as notuvaholm - same as my Instagram and Twitter username. My excuses for playing the selfie game too strong is that I was writing contest entries at the public library for a youth eterprise competition, via our entrepreneurship classes, happening in March called Fylkesmessen in Grieg Hallen. So I got home at dark o´clock and didn't have a chance nor the energy to take better photos. One silent applause for me, thank you. As I was saying, we are competing on some of the awards! It's going to be so much fun representing our brand, showing our final products  and to share our passion with others! I hope it's going to be great. We are also so honored to have such a cool designer mentoring us. Hush hush! More about that later. 

Uh, btw. Mentioning the obvious of my look of the day;
Wearing a blue coat I haven't used in ages, Stüssy sweater, black jeans and Marant $neakers. 

Wearing black and whiteeeeee

Now I'm wearing a hair bun and eyeliner






This is my current look of the day- I will unfortunately have to throw on a jacket/coat as I go out though. Oh well. I had totally forgotten about this shoulder padded vest I bought this summer in Valencia, Spain. One item only is bought in Norway in this outfit; the loose fit pants - a category of pants my wardrobe is rich on. The lovely dotted sweater and my kick ass(!) FlyknitLunar1's are both bought in Bali, Indonesia. I guess my point with all of this is that the stores in Norway generally suck. How great wouldn't it be if we had stores with Bape, Stussy, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3) and so on with great brands. So, there's no secret that I luuv nice clothes and footwear and become materealistic happy of them. Therefore I will, just because I'm that cool, give you a Who, What, Where on Bergen's coolest clothing/footwear shops;

Brands as A.P.C, Comme des garcons PLAY, Stussy, Acne, Norse Projects, WON HUNDRED, etc. Christiesgate 9

Pepper 2,
Brands as Martin Margiela MM6, Isabal Marant Etoile, Carven, Aesop, Comme des garcons wallet and parfume, Filippa K, etc. Nygårdsgaten 2A

Acne Studio, 
Christiesgate 9, Nygårdsgaten

Brands as Adidas, Dagmar, FWSS, Hansen Garments, Herschel Supply CO, Kaibosh, Libertine-Libertine, Norwegian Rain, Wood Wood, Nike, etc. Kong Oscars gate 18

Bespoke tailor and designer. Skostredet 9A

Retro butikkene, 
Brands as Acne, Alexander Wang, BLK DNM, Mardou&Dean, Rag and Bone, Stenströms, Surface To Air, Tiger Of Sweden, Tom Wood, Won Hundred, Kenzo, etc. Olav Kyrres gate 7

Brands as Prada, Céline, Chloè, Balenciaga, Dior, Lanvin, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Acne, Monclér, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared, Louboutin, Proenza Schouler, etc. Strandgaten 1 

Big ups to the dopest shoeshop in Bergen with brands as Nike, Adidas Originals, Adidas Stella McCartney, Adidas Y-3, Dr. Martens, Michael Kors, Y-3, etc. Torgallmenning 12


YAAA WELCOME. Let's focus on better clothing lol. 

Want. Need. By who? A genius.

Photo from I'M KOO

I LUV this duvet coat thing. Not too sure if it's the one MMM x hm or the MMM 1999 AW duvet coat re-edition, but anyway. It looked like such a mess in the store when H&M collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela. Mentioning the obvious; it looked like nothing but a duvet. I loved the collection though, and ended up with my beloved biker jacket with the unfinished touch. So cool. Anyway, I kind of love this duvet coat thingy and it looks so smashing on this (old-ish) photo of beautiful model Soojoo Park. I have this weirdly girl crush on asian models these days lol. Question is, Could anyone but a model pull this off? 


So take a look at my I-will-outshine-you Vans.

This is such a basic outfit but I figured I'd blog anyway. I decided to wear a baby blue angora sweater with loose fit wool pants, but hey! Bad idea. My wool pants went kinda grey as the angora eventually got all over it. Playing a plane game with my outfit today.


It's sold out at the moment, but you can get notified when it's available again.
As I'm so into sponge fabric these days, and I have some favorites from Front Row Shop.
You have to check out this dress in midnight blue, and the sponge mini skirt in midnight blue and pink.

Collaboration w Front Row Shop

Cc Karl Henrik Nymo

Okay, So how great isn't this pink high neck piece of neoprene?! The dress, putting pressure on The, is from Front Row Shop. I accessorized it with nature pearls, and white socks and luminescent Nike sneakers. It's such a simple, minimalistic piece of perfection. 

In collaboration w Front Row Shop

Good morning! Let's take a better look at this flower shorts.

Today me and a friend have been to a garment and material store to check out fabrics for a project we're currently working on (VÆÆR). Otherwise I've been hanging out with this beautiful gurl on the photo above. I wore an oversized Stussy sweater, a bomber and my pair of new black jeans that I desperately needed after living in loose fit pants for as long as I can remember. Here ya go; look of the day. 


Sun, a great song and spontanious lunch date. 

Hello Wednesday! Starting school late this mid-week schoolday is nothing but good for my soul. Needless to say, my brain is much more functional picking out outfits when it's bright outside. I even threw on a cap today, and threw off(!) my bomber jacket when take-off from school. Thermal underwear is the beautiful secret to non-jackets. So, I've heard that 80% of our body heat leaks out through our head (lol correct me if I'm wrong) So in these freezing days of January, a headpiece is The Ultimate thing to wear to keep the cold out.
I chose a Norse Projects wool cap for the occasion. 

Sweater Front Row Shop

Café Opera celebrating everyone turning legal

Look Of The Dots man.

Dark Blue is my current soulmate. So is Dots, Pearls and Sneakers. 






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